TS S. Fulk, a neurodiverse author, was born in Cleveland, Ohio and raised in Amish country, but now He living his neurodiverse family in Sweden. He has a B.A. in Music and an M.A.T. in secondary education from Kent State University. At the University of Toronto, he received an M.A. in English literature. After graduating,  he taught English at the Czech Technical University in Prague, CZ. Later he would settle down in Sweden. 

Besides writing, TS S. Fulk is an active musician playing the bass trombone, the Appalachian mountain dulcimer and the Swedish bumblebee dulcimer (hummel). When not playing music, reading or writing, TS S. Fulk enjoys playing geeky games like Marvel Champions, Arkham Horror and Wingspan

If you have trouble finding him in the summer, it is probably because he’s escaped the hustle and bustle of city life by staying at his summer cabin in the woods. His work has been (or will be) published by numerous presses including Dark Horses Magazine, The Light Ekphrastic, The Button Eye Review, The Fairy Tale Magazine, Journ-E: The Journal of Imaginative Literature, The Red Ogre Review, Perennial Press, Lovecraftiana and Wingless Dreamer.