Submission Guidelines

Chapbooks & Collections 

General Guidelines


A chapbook should be between 20 and 60 pages of poetry. The poems should all be speculative in nature. You do not need to have a special theme, story or gimmick to tie all the poems together, but it wouldn’t hurt either. Chapbooks will be available as paperbacks and ebooks.


Poetry collections should be at least 70 pages of poetry. A good amount of the poems should be speculative, but in a collection you can include your non-speculative poems as well, since collections are designed to showcase a wider range of your work than chapbooks. Collections will be available as paperbacks and ebooks.

Formatting and Submitting a Poetry Chapbook or Collection

Poems should be sent together in the same document, one poem per page (unless you have some small poems grouped together —e.g., 5 haiku about flies). Have an acknowledgment page listing where poems were first published. Don’t worry about a table of contents, but have the poems in the order that you want them to be. If accepted it could be that we might suggest changes to the order or the removal of  some poems. 

E-mail your work to us by sending a Pages, Word or RTF file attached in an e-mail message. In the subject line write Submission: Chapbook or Submission: Collection. If your work requires complex formatting, inform us in the message and attach a PDF file in addition to a Pages/Word/RTF file. Include a brief message and a third-person author bio of max 100 words. Send your submission to submissions( A T ) NOTE: Replace ( A T ) with @

Reading Periods

June 1–July 31, 2024

We may close early if we receive sufficient material before the deadline. 

Simultaneous Submissions

We accept simultaneous submissions, but be courteous and inform us immediately if a work gets accepted elsewhere. 


We do not accept reprints. Please submit new work only. 

AI Content

We accept only human-created poetry and art. 


We cannot pay contributors up front yet.  However, the creators will receive quarterly royalty payments.

Submission Fees

We don’t charge submission fees.

Author Copies

We cannot offer author copies right now, but are working on a feasible solution. 

Publishing Rights

Island of Wak-Wak reserves the right of first publication for all work it publishes. You retain the copyright. We will keep the book available via print-on-demand for as long as there is interest or until you request that we remove your book. 

Submission to Island of Wak-Wak constitutes acceptance of these terms.

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